Family, Divorce and Separation Lawyers in Victoria, BC

Lawyers: Elise Schopper-Brigel and Karen Henry

Are you recently separated or divorced? Do you need help focusing on your most important concerns? Would you benefit from a compassionate, respectful and efficient way to resolve your family issues? At West Coast Family Law, we help you find peaceful and practical resolutions to family law disputes. We provide legal advice and services regarding separation and divorce, custody, child support, property division and spousal support, marriage and cohabitation agreements. We base our outcomes on principles designed to keep families out of court.

When we are at Peace, we move on.

— First Nations saying

Our goal is to help you and those you love, move on, in peace. We develop customized legal solutions that address your needs and those of your children.

Are you considering or finalizing an adoption?
We can prepare your court application for a domestic or international adoption, or the adoption of a step-child or an adult.

Do you need to make a Will or Power of Attorney?
We can advise you in drafting and executing Wills, Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements.

*West Coast Family Law Centre is a group of lawyers who are not in a partnership. We do not act for clients who are adverse in interest, e.g. if one lawyers acts for a wife in a divorce, the other lawyer will not act for her husband.